Simplifying your technology, and your business

Custom Runs Tech & A/V always deliver maximum value, superior quality, and the highest level of professional service. Whether it’s our unwavering commitment to install the best systems, fulfill projects or our passion for creating lasting relationships, our company always stay true to providing exceptional customer service.

Nowadays in the industry the bigger the company doesn’t always mean they are better. At Custom Runs Tech & A/V, as a small business we have maintained many positive relationships with clients and a 75 percentage return of repeat business. We want to be your company of choice with high professional standards while we deliver on the promises we make.

We employ the industry’s most competent and skilled staff, management, technicians and engineers that are the heart and soul of our company. We provide our employees and interns with an environment that fosters teamwork and opportunity to achieve personal career goals.

We are the go to Technology and Audio/Video company for these primary reasons below:

Standards and Values :  We conduct all business in a fair and ethical manner and follow all regulations established by the Small Business Administration and our local and state government.

Technical and Security Certifications :  Our technicians work hard to maintain high standards of quality and trust with our customers. This means that we are all up to date on the newest industry trends, technologies and professional certifications.

Customer Service :  We take customer service from a concept to a practice, striving to provide our customers, employees, and partners with the very best.

Past Performance :  We have and continue to prove exceptional past performance and to create a track record of success in many market segments.

Quality Work, Quality Rates :  We offer high-quality work to our customers that meet or beat expectations at favorable rates.